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1000 Typepad posts

1000 Typepad posts


Snapshots in time are like frozen temporal passages. At the time of my 1000th Typepad post, I was thinking about what came before. One year before, I was working from 0300-1300 every day as the Irish-based stringer for Tata Information Systems, writing course material to be used in IBM WebSphere training. It was a tough slog. I used Radio Userland software on a daily basis back then.

A year later, I am a Typepadder and I've racked up 1000 posts since August 2003. I drew thoughts from Dan Gillmor in "look for a signature," agreeing that anonymity decreases the value of online discourse.

"New media jobs" intrigue dozens of people who land here each week, so staying informed about these jobs enhances the relevance of this blog as a watering hole for my multimedia degree students.

I don't think my students will put their stuff on Times Square, but they should be thinking about publicly exhibiting their stuff. Portfolio pieces get you noticed and public notice often translates into paid employment.

Cross-talk about e-voting occurs all around Ireland today. The undercurrent is strong enough to reverse a direction in the governmet. Public opinion seems to favour a pause in the practise, meaning a return to the standard ballot box for the June 2004 elections. If this happens, part of the reversal can be traced to a measureable online metric that stood firm against the imposition of technology.

1000th Typepad post brings with it an essay about my Typepad experience. I believe this server-side technology is the only way to become actively involved in Weblogs. I'm impressed by the quality of support of the Typepad infrastructure.

Comments and Typepad screenshot by Bernie Goldbach while observing one thousand posts in Typepad.