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Adam Curry in Iraq

Adam Curry in Iraq

As Samawah, Iraq

A completely amazing experience is the best way to describe our second day at Camp Smitty in As Samawah, Iraq. Of course I'm going to give it a try anyway :) The day started with very little sleep. No one got to hit the sleeping bags before 3am since there was plenty to do in order to set up our "infrastructure." The show went of without a hitch, we interviewed several personnel, including the camp's chaplain. We also got a chance to revive my pirate radio roots by installing a 50 watt fm transmitter to broadcast our show and the stations 24 hour signal across the base. This really gives the troops here a boost since all the DJ's back home are passing on messages from loved ones. After 4 months in the sand box you can imagine how important this is for professional and emotional morale. There is a large disconnect in the BigPub press about the mission the dutch troops have here. As a part of SFIR (Stabilization Forces IRaq), they are responsible for supporting and guiding the population in rebuilding their country. An important note here is that the damage done in As Samawah (the area we are in) is mainly due to 35 years of supression by the Saddam regime.

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