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Homeless and cold

Homeless and cold

These two dogs have a longer wait for a new home because their bulletin board has been hacked by a web worm that identifies potential victims by searching Google for special words. The "Santy Worm" infected Irish Animals. This online community uses a vulnerable version of the program phpBB and like thousands of others around the world, it collapsed when hacked.

The Santy worm uses a flaw in the widely used community forum to spread. Script kiddies merely search Google for sites using a vulnerable version of the software. They found a hole in Irish Animals and destroyed the bulletin board.

Almost 40,000 sites may have already been infected. Using Microsoft's Search engine to scan for the phrase "NeverEverNoSanity"--part of the defacement text that the Santy worm uses to replace files on infected Web sites--returns nearly 39,000 hits.

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