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Islamist Beheading

Islamist Beheading

Irish Typepad Referrer Logs

In June 2004, Islamist fundamentals in Saudi Arabia started a terror campaign that involved kidnapping foreign nationals and then beheading them for an international audience. About once a fortnight, men from different countries were adbucted while on their way to work. They were given camera time to explain to viewers who they were, what kind of work they did, where they were from and oftentimes they relayed demands for their release. Normally within 72 hours of the airing of the video clip on Arabic television, another video appeared with the beheading of the prisoner carried out in front of the camera. These clips were shown on some Arabic television stations and then uploaded to the Internet for a mass audience. From the looks of my referrer logs, westerners want to see the beheadings. This should not surprise commentators because there's a robust market for snuf film and rape videos. My late-night audience suggests at least 30 people an hour want to see live beheadings. Perhaps there's a vile voyeuristic streak in the citizens of the 21st century.

Posted by Bernie Goldbach. Referrer log extract from Irish Typepad.