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Learning Mobhaile

Learning Mobhaile

Knockanrawley, Tipperary, Ireland

It's under the bonnet of Mobhaile as we set up a group of short courses for voluntary organisations in southeast Ireland. We're using Mobhaile so we can clearly articulate how to leverage the (slow over dial-up Sharepoint) system. We're also interested in showing how it can be improved. We plan to offer a Mobhaile Web Writing course through our Moodle Virtual Learning Environment.

Learning Mobhaile is learning composition, editing, saving, publishing, proofing, changing, embargoing and deleting. The people who take course in Mobhaile are ECDL graduates and often share a common characteristic--they were part of Community Employment Schemes, not part of third level writing or web development courses. They often lack the confidence of a subeditor. They want to upload things and move on. They don't look forward to editing or updating items--they would rather the stuff is up for a while and then it dissolves. This is a personality issue and unlikely to change since those in the voluntary or civil service sectors are often molded from the same personality putty.

As a technology, Mobhaile needs to be drag-and-drop. It needs to have widgets. Elizabeth Albrycht explains:

My idea of nirvana is a wiki that has drop-in functionality. Say I want a table on a page. Click, and in drops the table based on columns and rows. Or I can import an Excel file, not just attach it as a downloadable document. Or a calendar function just drops in. Or a planning timeline.... We are a long way from that, however!

Irish Typepad -- "Mobhaile is a wiki"
Elizabeth Albrycht -- "Wikis getting attention"
Shot with Fuji S602Z camera in Knockanrawley Education Centre, Tipperary, Ireland.