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Lite FM when taken over

Lite FM when taken over

102.2 FM Dublin, Ireland

Big Brother star Ray Shah took over Dublin Lite FM's on-air studios shortly after 8:00 AM on Thursday, March 4, 2004. He refused to vacate them until negotiations are complete for a decent new radio station for Dublin. That's the bizarre method that Lite FM are using to relaunch their station as Q102. The station's RDS reads ' MUPPET ' and Ray played an old Muppets classic tune non-stop since he locked himself on air--apparently every single listener is requesting it. The station's website has also been hijacked with the lyrics of the song superimposed over the old Lite FM page.

An effective PR stunt? It's being considered by students in the Tipperary Institute Multimedia Degree programme.

The Dublin stunt borrows a page from two Colorado Springs DJ's who were suspended for playing DIXIE CHICKS music after the station owner prohibited them from being on air. Dave Moore and Jeff Singer of KKCS FM were suspended after locking themselves inside the studio and playing the group's music nonstop for nearly six hours. The station's general manager had pulled the Dixie Chicks' music two months ago, after lead singer Natalie Maines' remark about President Bush. The General Manager said the pair were suspended for locking out other employees, and for playing an unapproved block of music. I wonder if the unblocking of 102.2 FM means that we will have to listen to the Muppets jingle on Q102 now and forever. Spare us.