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Scoble Leaves Microsoft

Scoble Leaves Microsoft

Vloggercon, San Francisco, California

Robert Scoble announced he was leaving Micrsoft--a company he loves. And he loves its technology, especially his Tablet PC and his Xbox.

Scoble worked for great people. "My management team is awesome and I don't have a beef with them at all. They have ALWAYS supported me. I have, in my pocket, a corporate American Express card and they never have questioned any of my expenses."

When he visited Ireland, Scoble treated Microsoft as a startup. I" don't believe it's proper to waste shareholder resources if you don't need to," he said.

When he blogged about leaving, he emphasized that he was not frustrated with Microsoft. "I've never had more opportunities available to me," he told readers of his blog.

Scoble came to Microsoft as a tech evangelist and he leaves as a PR maestro. He mingled with competitors, deftly handled Microsoft critics, and weathered a mummering campaign that continues percolating in the professional PR community.

According to Scoble, Microsoft moved "heaven and hell to keep me happy ... I got to meet and interview and influence the best people in the world. Career decisions are personal and opportunity and growth require thinking about a lot of different things, not just one or two. I've turned down quite a few offers for more money than I'm now making."

And so Scoble is off to where he brings along millions of listeners. Many will want him to simply explain why he's leaving and where he's going.

Robert, may the wind be at your back.