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Bush the War Criminal

Bush the War Criminal

Victoria Quay, Dublin, Ireland

This sidewalk stencil was plastered on pavements and building hoardings throughout the Irish capital in the early summer of 2004. All around Dublin i June 2004, on the run-up to the whistlestop visit of George W. Bush, people were venting their disapproval about the man. The protesting voices were directed more at the government of George Bush, not against the US. The president and his neoconservative cabal have done more to foster anti-US feelings than any group of anti-West protestors.

The principle Irish response comes in response to the lies told by the Office of the President to international institutions.

The anti-Bush slogans contrast markedly to the immediate aftermath of 9/11 when Irish felt a strong affinity for the citizens of New York. Years later, a multiple of the 3000 killed in the World Trade Center have been killed by Bush's policies in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bush has permanently scarred American relations with the Arab world by the ugly invasion he endorsed. Fortunately, he has not irreparably damaged the affinity most Irish hold for Americans.

Picture taken with Fuji S602Z camera by Bernie Goldbach.