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Aidan Doyle Monkey Magic!

Aidan Doyle        Monkey Magic!

Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland

Hello,I'm a student here in the illustrious Tipperary I.T studying computing (multimedia and communications).
Eh I used to play football and hurling for my native town Naas and for Kildare at one point.
Used to be a big soccer head but due to "unforseen" reasons I got lazey and gave them up!
My main music influence would come from rock,punk and of course metal,since I am in a metal band!I play an ibanez soundgear bass in the band which I hope to upgrade to a beast bass!
I HATE DANCE MUSIC or anything that is produced by some fat chap in a suit wanting to make a quick million!My favourite bands would be pink floyd,the doors,jimi hendrix,jeff buckley,sex pistols,the selector,ren&stimpy,in flames,metallica,pantera.
Cliff Burton(metallica) would be my favourite bassist of all time but Rex Browne (pantera) is a close second.
Im mad about animation,I had originaly planned to go to Balleyfermot collage to do animation but I thought I'd get a real education first as a fall back.Japanese animation (Anime)is my favourite because well it looks the best and im not talking about "pokemon" or any of that tripe!
I think im 5'11 and as u probably cant see ive dark brown hair+eyes.Haha why get us to do this Bernie?
If I Left Stuff out that you'd like to know ask me when I'm pissed! cheers!