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Niall O Brien

Niall O Brien

Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland

September 27, 2004

  1. I am from Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Ireland.

  2. I am not a sports fan. Except for basketball.

  3. But I am a huge E-Sports (Electronic Sports) fan.

  4. I have blue eyes.

  5. I have red hair.

  6. I have to wear glasses, because I’m as blind as a bat.

  7. I suffer from gastritis (at least that’s the diagnosis for now!).

  8. I smoke even though I know I shouldn’t but it’s easier said than done to quit.

  9. I have a fascination with the whole concept of Man vs. Machine.

  10. I am a fan of music, specifically Heavy Metal. I’m not a fan of leather or spandex so don’t ask!!! (What were those guys thinking?).

  11. My favourite bands are Fear Factory, Sepultura, and Shadows Fall – all of which I’ve met, and got autographs, photos etc.

  12. I play drums in a heavy metal band called Within.

  13. Yet strangely I’m not the best timekeeper (considering a drummer has to keep time!).

  14. I played my first gig when I was only 13 (I was playing guitar at the time).

  15. My band’s CD was released on the 2nd October. I was heavily involved in its creation/design and release – more so than the rest of the band.

  16. I consider myself skilled in numerous areas of computing. I designed the band’s website ( in Macromedia Flash (inspired by triangles and the directory tree structure), designed the artwork for the CD in Adobe Photoshop and edited a video for the band which is included on our CD (CD-Extra).

  17. I am currently attending college to gain certification of my Multimedia computing skills.

  18. I love household pets e.g. cats & dogs (dogs in particular).

  19. I am a (closet) sci-fi fan. Star Trek, Star-Gate, X-Files, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - Terminator, Blade Runner, I, Robot etc.

  20. I used to be addicted to horror films but not as much these days, although I still watch them. I’m probably desensitised to them by now though – especially with the advent of violence in video games.

  21. My favourite food is pizza – probably because they smell absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend Paranelli’s pizza in town (across from the Credit Union in Clonmel).

  22. I hate scumbags.

  23. I absolutely love collecting movies (especially one’s yet to be released) and PC video games.

  24. I worked at a petrol station for two years and got treated like shi…ah…Never mind.

  25. I am not very good at completing lists!

Exposure/Camera Settings

Resolution: 500 x 590
Camera make: FUJIFILM
Camera model: FinePix S602 ZOOM
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO Equivalent: 200
Focal Length: 9.7mm
Flash Used: Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
Shutter Speed: 1/50s
Metering Mode: Pattern
Exposure Program: Program