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Chuckie Hurts

Chuckie Hurts

Garringreen, Kilkenny, Ireland

We took Chuckie from Inistioge around a year and he has enjoyed his life in Kilkenny even though he had to share his cat food with two felines who entered his household. When the Pope died, Chuckie slowed down dramatically. He cannot walk more than 30 metres at a time--last month he was a two mile walking dog. He's gone from bounding down steps when we enter the house to sedentary. The vet doesn't like his colour and guesses he's more than 10 years old. For the past weekend, Chuckie couldn't stand up. I held him up so he could pee. He got a steroid shot on Monday which gave him some strength but the vet noted that the left valve on Chuckie's heart is really weak. That means his heartbeat is much faster than Doggie's, another Pom in the house. I'm trying to sort out the best course of action here because although no one has said to let him sleep, that's what he's doing anyway. No more than half the food that he eats stays down. He cannot crouch to poo--and just last week he was such a champion in that category. I'll take any ideas and have thought about getting a little wagon so pull him around for pee breaks through the neighbourhood. That might not be what he wants since he doesn't really react to the lead anymore. He keeps his head down on the carpet and doesn't bark unless he needs to relieve himself outside. I'm feeling very sad.

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