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Lonely Kathy

Lonely Kathy

Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland

Open Media Studies Module

Listen! you can hear the silence, the silence of loneliness.
Black! the colour of loneliness
Smell! the smell of nothing.
Touch! the nothingness, feel nothing, nothing but lonely

In a room spin the disc, switch up the bass, the walls and floor vibrate, that's all, all you can feel, this vibration. Through your senses, your senses that have died, shrivelled and died like an autumn leaf, you have fallen off the tree. It is getting to you, you are shrivelling just like the leaf. You said the bass would awaken your senses. It's not happening, the loneliness is too deep. The bass is still there vibrating but I am not hearing it. Shut it out, try and shut it all out. The music is lonely. How can music be lonely, this music is lonely, the loss of a partner is devastating, the loneliness palpable, who can you talk to,there is nobody, nobody listens, there is nobody there. I have been betrayed. I'll alway be lonely! The loneliness is for ever!