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Clinton Signing "My Life"

Clinton Signing "My Life"

Easons, Dublin, Ireland

Bill Clinton's book signing in Eason's of Dublin resembled more of a welcome home party than a publishing house event. More than 1000 people queued for several hours (some as late as 8PM the night before) to get into the shop to buy the €30 My Life. I spoke to five people who bought the book on the day and they said they planned to keep it on the shelf. "Sure, now why would I want to devalue the book by reading it?" one far-sighted Dubliner told me. Like many in the queue, she considers Bill Clinton to be one of the most charismatic and charming American presidents. Getting his signature and handshake made her day. Actually, it earned her an heirloom.

Clinton's visit to Ireland provided more than a book signing moment. The British and Irish governments plan a new round of negotiations a week after Clinton's visit. The talks involve the two key adversaries in any new power-sharing coalition: the Democratic Unionists, the major British Protestant party, and Sinn Fein, the major Irish Catholic party.

Bill Clinton holds sway in Ireland. The most senior Irish cabinet members called into him during his stay in Dublin. In Belfast, all four of Northern Ireland's major parties sent their top leaders to meet him separately. His wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, also took part in the whirlwind Irish experience, but didn't speak to the mainstream media. Her book was on sale directly in front of the My Life signing desk.

Another Fuji S602Z picture for Irish Typepad by Bernie Goldbach.