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Gavin Sheridan

Gavin Sheridan

Dublin, Ireland

Few mainstream bloggers have the reach or incisiveness of Gavin Sheridan, shown here in a Dublin meet-up of Irish bloggers considering whether he should pay Dublin's prices for another pint of Murphys. Gavin's freelance journalism has appeared in the Irish Examiner and the New Statesman. Before his freelance days, he worked as a technical writer, bartender, and tradesman. His gains his deep insight of current affairs from extensive readings of history, politics and philosophy.

Sheridan first appeared as a blogger on 19 July 2002--one of a half million other bloggers. He developed content for display by using several platforms, including Radio Userland, Movable Type and WordPress. His aggregated visitor count might be higher than any other Irish blogger because he will crest through one million page views shortly after three years of blogging.

Some of Gavin's "Greatest Hits" include stories about boycotting Google, unsupported claims for invading Iraq, and a threat from the author John Gray.

I didn't agree with Sheridan's decision to use his highly-visible blog as a link to gory videos of executions in the Middle East. He did and got more than 1000 comments about his decision.

No radio show or television presentation about the state of play in Irish blogging would be complete without Gavin Sheridan. Yet the mainstream Irish press continues publishing superficial coverage about citizen journalism without fact-checking through places like Gavin's blog. That cheats readers and relegates blogging to a minor sport.

Comments by Bernie Goldbach. Photo with Fuji S602Z camera.