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9500 Lite Feeds

9500 Lite Feeds

March 24, 2005

Clonmel, Ireland

Day One.Within 15 minutes of setting up my Nokia 9500 with Lite Feeds I was able to check the state of play of Irish bloggers without going to the web. At first glance, this application looks like it will cut my GPRS bill because it delivers quality information quickly in an abbreviated format. It also delivers an important message to bloggers: say your important stuff in the first two sentences and store your feeds in OPML.

Day Two. I'm able to pull LiteFeeds onto the Nokia 9500 in several places where I'd normally be waiting for activities. I can get the feeds under an outdoor coffee shop umbrella in Temple Bar, Dublin. It's kinda like reading The Event Guide in that the feeds are short and crisp and sometimes page-turning. In LiteFeeds, you have to clip the file to see the rest of the story online. That's how it works for many of Feargal McKay's stories--LiteFeeds announces "for more content visit the website or clip this article". I thought that LiteFeeds lost my entire feed once during the first 48 hours of my setting it up. It's as though the system was backing it up into freshly cached material--gone on the Nokia 9500 but present online. The feed returned to normal operations a few hours later after I changed the internet connection mode used by my Nokia 9500.

Out west, James Corbett is using LiteFeeds with his Nokia 6630. This technology deserves a serious looking-over for anyone caught in a commuting shuffle to and from work. The information is timely and it archives reliably to an online clipping file if directed that way by the user.

Day Three. Using Litefeeds on my Nokia 9500 pulls more battery power than any other application. That's not a fault of Litefeeds; it's a reflection on the power management features of the Nokia 9500. If I check 30 feeds during my morning commute and visit another 30 on the way home, my phone is totally exhausted. My Nokia 9500 does more than check feeds every day. In fact, under normal voice and data operations, I can get two days of use between rechargings. However, that's cut in half now that I'm using Litefeeds.