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Yahoo! 360

Yahoo! 360

March 28, 2005

Yahoo! 360 incorporates social networking and blogs into one sweet spot on the Yahoo! network. As Charlene Li explains, this is a "content push" service.

Central to the whole service is the concept that you want to communicate and connect with the people that you already know, rather than try to meet new people. To this end, your home page on the service shows the most recent content published by people within your network. This might be a blog post, a photo album, review, or an updated profile item. This page is constantly refreshed as the people in your network update the information on their spaces. This fundamental concept of linking people through their updated �stuff� is what makes Yahoo! 360 unique � and inherently will drive usage of the service higher than traditional social networks. In essence, the content is being pushed to you by the service.

Profile Page. The profile page contains the usual features from social networking sites friends, profile, lists of things you like to do, employer, schools, and groups. It also grabs content you�ve created that you want to share with your network (i.e., blog items, photos, reviews created on Yahoo! Local, and LAUNCHcast Stations).

Privacy Controls. You can set privacy controls for different pieces of content. I could share parts of my photo album with work friends, family members or mates. This will integrate nicely with Flickr.

Blog Tool. Yahoo! has a blogging tool basic enough for new users but much less sophisticated than Typepad Pro. You can quickly upload and control photos, comments, and trackbacks.

Invitations. Yahoo! has integrated these into the address book--as easy as sending invitations from lists in an address book to Yahoo! groups. This may sync over to clients that talk to Yahoo! through its intelligent conduit (such as Microsoft Outlook or Palm Contacts).

Charlene Li -- "First look at Yahoo! 360"