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May 27, 2004

Home working

KILKENNY -- If you're able to reduce your commuting requirements, you're looking at working at home. For me, it's meant getting to know my kitchen table, making a den of creativity, and tweaking my communications suite.

Kitchen Table Warrior. Every piece of advice ever published on working from home is quite specific about one thing: you need a dedicated space away from the rest of your home. The difficulty is that you just can't go building extra rooms very easily. Sometimes carving out a home office isn't a player either--because of competing demands for the space or the idea that you really don't want to get trapped inside an office environment. You really should get out of your bedroom--it's just not good for the head to be near a bed when at work.

Continuity in communication. If you discover your greatest productivity is when you're occupying temporary spaces (cafes, railway cars, bus stops), you will need to stump up for mobile comminucations. I use a Nokia D211 card with my Wi-Fi laptop and also have a Nokia 9210i Communicator for less expensive HSD calls with Vodafone. I also use e-fax, which works as a consolidated messaging service.

In the shed. If space is tight at home, you could always set up a garden shed and kit out an office there. Sheddies are passionate about their garden offices. The Garden Escape makes customised sheds into offices for UK homes. An assortment of Shomera options are sprouting up around Ireland.


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