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August 11, 2004

e-working Southeast Ireland

CLONMEL -- Google knows what's out there. I learned important things during a recent query.

Your search - "e-work in southeast ireland" - did not match any documents.

Funnily enough, the search returned nine sponsored links, including one in German.

I used to work on a "Southeast e-work Centres" subcommittee. I take the nonexistent Google visibility to mean there's no endorsement of the idea of "a co-ordinated network of managed facilities suitable for use by employees who choose the E-Work option." What's wrong with the zero commute option? Why not encourage SOHO operations with corporate involvement encouraged to offset the cost of broadband connectivity? That was my point while serving on the subcommittee three years ago.

Posted by Bernie Goldbach. The documentation related to e-work in Ireland remains sequestered behind a "Passwall" inside a frameset. It won't be noticed by Google--or anyone else--that way.

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