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July 13, 2005

Red Bull Over Cashel

CASHEL -- The Red Bull Air Race flies over Cashel on Sunday, July 24, and pallets of the drink are everywhere in the town. That's because Red Bull means different things to different people. Unlike many other products, Red Bull does not have to deliver a single value proposition. The mobile phone networks sell their brands based on value perceived for their coverage, content or service packages. Supermarkets sell value based on pricing or quality inventory. But Red Bull stands for energy and stimulation--what's that mean?

It means different things to different people. What you think is stimulation is your call. I might drink a can and have a totally different interpretation.

Brandweek's Ken Hein explains:

Ask someone to define it and the answers will vary. For instance, The Fire Island (N.Y.) News has dubbed it "The new sex drink," while a 13-year-old booy in a local deli said, "Me inspira a bailar" ("It makes me dance"). And, according to a waitress in a New York wine bar, "If you mix it with cough syrup, it makes your cold go away."

From truck drivers to clubbers to extreme sports enthusiasts, Red Bull weaves itself into the lives of very different groups of people without ostracizing any of them. It effortlessly crosses socioeconomic boundaries. The company delivers the message that there is no right way to use Red Bull, no code of conduct - for consumers, that is.

Alex Wipperfurth -- "Brand Hijack"


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