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September 02, 2005

Kilkenny Voice

JOHN'S GATE in Kilkenny was on my map for three things when I lived down the road. I rented my first Irish lawn mower there. I drank my first Scotch whiskey there. And I bought my first Kilkenny People there. Now the place where my rental mower once sat houses the offices of the Kilkenny Voice, a 96-page newspaper selling for EUR 1.65 in parts of southeast Ireland.

It competes head-first with the rival Kilkenny People and it has some heavy hitters including guest columns from Kilkenny hurling legends DJ Carey and Eddie Keher.

John Sheils, former managing editor of the Sunday World is behind the project. Other shareholders include Jim Rhatigan, editor, Seán Hurley, former editor of the Kilkenny People and David Haugh, former senior executive with WPP plc, one of the largest communications and marketing groups in the world.

The Kilkenny People long enjoyed robust sales, suggesting the local area can actually sustain two newspapers. We will know whether that is true by Christmas.


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Kilkenny People will CRUSH Kilkenny Voice!!

Posted by: Irv | Sep 8, 2005 3:26:15 PM

I worked with John Sheils at the Sunday World for many years. He is an immensely talented man with a great energy for the newspaper industry. The people of Kilkenny as opposed to the Kilkenny People are lucky to have have him

Posted by: hugh jordan | Sep 16, 2005 12:20:27 PM

Would dearly love to get a copy of that article you wrote about Joe Murphy last week.

Posted by: Kay Kavanagh | Oct 21, 2005 6:50:10 PM

I think the Voice has proven themselves by christmas alright, they proved they are nothing but a glorified red top with a bad editor, overworked staff and questionable ethics. They should be closed down, its a disgrace the way they dealt with the Castle Gardens story over the last two weeks. A disgrace to this ounty.

Posted by: sam mccarthy | Jan 20, 2006 11:23:23 AM

Do any of the Kilkenny papers know what's about to hit them?

Posted by: Abby | Feb 13, 2006 1:28:48 PM

The voice will shortly be going into recievership I think. You heard it hear first.

Posted by: sarah | May 5, 2006 1:53:18 PM

just giving comment about today paper about sean walsh family . print today saying that their windows are being broken and that there are load of people outside their house calling them name.but you go ask the gardai did the get any report of this there are up here dont like them so what i cant evening let 4 year outside the back with them.im very unhappy u listen to one side of this story.im looking for some kind of comment thank maryellen

Posted by: maryellen kavanagh | May 17, 2006 9:44:50 PM

When I want to read news of Kilkenny I now buy the Kilkenny Voice. They write real stories that are down to earth and are not afraid to take on contraversial issues

Posted by: Margaret | Jun 19, 2006 12:21:39 AM

It will appear that Rudkins Mill in Bagenalstown is up for Restoration.

Anyone know anything about this.

see www.RudkinsMill.com

Posted by: John Badi | Oct 25, 2006 8:20:46 PM

Don’t rate the Kilkenny Voice these days. Thought it was more competitive last year. Used to enjoy reading journalist Christina Holt's column. She was a great investigative journalist and not afraid to expose injustices. Wonder why she is not writing for the Voice anymore!!!!! Do know she has published two books. Truth Behold…. a novel about the abuse in the Industrial Schools of Ireland and Life’s Final Furlong, a story of a father and daughter both challenging cancer. The Voice needs more journalists like Holt if they intend to keep their heads above water and survive the cutthroat business of the media.

Posted by: Jack White | May 14, 2008 9:36:28 PM

Latest chapter in the ongoing Kilkenny media saga is that Jimmy Rhatigan , former Editor of the former " Kilkenny Voice " , together with Sean Hurley, former Editor of the " Kilkenny People " and former Voice man too, have launched " The Kilkenny Reporter " today as a free newspaper in Kilkenny .

I haven't seen a copy of it yet, with the Rhatigan-Hurley combo in command , together with veteran Kilkenny People Advertising Manager Peter Seaver on board ( lovely fellow ! ) it should pose stiff opposition for advertising to the " Kilkenny Advertiser " and sure there's no harm in that as the Advertiser is really a Galway newspaper in disguise .

They have my fellow Photog Donal Foley of Hugginstown aboard too - the quality of the photographs in the Kilkenny People is dreadful - Donal is better than that !

And all this as D-Day looms for the Kilkenny People as three consortia shortlisted by owners Johnson Press UK bid for that newspaper , as it sells all its Irish titles in one basket next month .

I can only wish Jimmy, Sean, Peter, Donal and Co every success, they're the nicest fellows you could meet in Kilkenny , they've got ink in the blood, and deserve to continue to be gainfully employed in the business they love best .

Michael McGrath
( The Studio,
18 Dominic Street,
Kilkenny City
( near Kilkenny Garda Station ) .
Mobile 0879145714 .

Posted by: Michael McGrath Kilkenny | Apr 7, 2010 4:11:37 PM


A lot of interesting things happening since . Deputy Editor of the Kilkenny People came up the street gunning for me one fine Monday morning , with a big fellow in tow . I thought he was Keane's hired gun , at first , couldn't believe it when this big thick-looking fellow informed me , with a sneer out of the side of his mouth , that he was Editor of the Kilkenny People ! Still can't believe it . And that criticism of the People is an unhealthy lifestyle to choose . I pleaded with him : " Don't shoot me - I'm only the photographer ! "

Keane has retaliated by threatening the local politicians that the next time they'll see their names in the People will be their In Memoriam entries , if they're found talking to me , can't say as I miss them , heheheh .
( Malcolm went real shy all of a sudden ! ) .

Sadly , The Kilkenny Reporter is down to 32 pages , little ads ,bright though it is it could more deservedly be titled " The Hometown Chronicle " .

Maybe they're afraid of Sean Keane and his new sidekick as well ?

And I have to take out a magnifying glass to view the photos on the Advertiser .

C'mon Naoise , give Pat a full page photo ! It's Pat Moore's own fault , he's so slick with that new Canon 7D of his that he deserves to be on the Times or Indo , or at least De Paper down south .

Naw, he's afraid of Keane as well , so he'd never cope with Gangland , looks like the whole of Kilkenny is .

Posted by: Michael McGrath | Jul 25, 2010 7:54:29 AM

Last October Sean Keane told a cousin of mine that he is in charge of drawing up the ' A - List ' of the more important citizens of Kilkenny to be invited to the important civic events held in this city .

So if you're living in Assumption Place, Newpark, Ossory Park , the Butts , Kennyswell , Fiacre's Place, Larchfield , etc etc etc , you haven't a chance , you're a second-class citizen as omitted from this list by Sean Keane at the behest of his masters .

Ah but we have our own little freemasonry centred around the Kilkenny People and City Hall , haven't we - at least Sean Keane was honest enough to admit that .

The sooner, therefore that this centre of snobbery, Kilkenny Borough Council , is abolished the better for all the citizens of Kilkenny .

Posted by: Michael McGrath | Jul 26, 2010 11:19:33 AM

The Kilkenny Reporter shows a marked turnaround this week with a 100 % increase in advertising , while the Kilkenny People continues to get even worse , if that be possible , mmust be worrying for the folks in High Street , think they should consider a couple of free transfers out ,and need a new striker badly if they are to once again escape relegation this season .

While The Kilkenny Reporter Team look like an outside ber for the Premiership in the new season if they can shake off the Galway-owned Kilkenny Advertiser , it's all up for grabs now !

C'mon fans , support a big Rhatigan comeback !

Posted by: Michael McGrath | Jul 31, 2010 7:29:01 AM


There is a woman in Kilkenny , a housewife, who takes photographs of weddings to earn some money for herself outside the home .

Some photos she takes turn out , many others don't .

It is therefore suggested to her that she finds some other line of business in fairness to future brides and grooms and their wedding photography .

Not saying that she is a fraud, or that she is intentionally doing wrong , rather it is a case that she is somewhat deluded concerning the level of her ability as a photographer .

No , she shall not be named , not even condemned , it is left up to herself to think it out .

Perhaps she might consider training for the job with an experienced professional photographer ?

Until then she can only be described as a Smudger .

Posted by: Michael McGrath | Aug 2, 2010 10:41:36 AM

I am barred and blacked by the NUJ all my life. I was barred and blacked as a journalist and photographer on The Munster Express, Waterford. That was forty years ago. I was not barred and blacked by my colleagues, I was welcomed by them always and I still am by those left alive. I was not barred and blacked for doing or not doing anything. I was back then, and I still am, eminently qualified, indeed it could be argued that I am more qualified than many of my contemporaries.

The press photographer responsible for getting me barred is dying of a cancercous prostate today. He had me barred just because he wanted it all to himself in Kilkenny in photography. He's 72 today and has one out-of-focus photograph published this week in the local rag he used to work for, The Kilkenny People, a newspaper that is fast going down hill. It's being propped up by Johnston Press UK, and going downhill because there is no journalist of any great talent on it - and of course it doesn't help that it supports Phil Hogan!

It's caught in a time warp, and I'll tell you that's what's wrong with Ireland and the NUJ in particular, they're caught in a time warp. Irish journalists are the greatest cowards under the sun . They allow themselves to be dictated to over abortion and immigration by their own trade union, the British National Union of Journalists. English journalists don't - wave after wave of them have resigned.

The last wave of English journalists to leave the NUJ in protest at that Union being run by a bunch of faceless Trotskyist dictators numbered a huge seven thousand journalists , mostly in England. They formed their own Union that they are delighted with, the BAJ, The British Association of Journalists. At least the BAJ looks after its members by going to court for them over wages and conditions, it's aeons since the NUJ ever did that on behalf of a member. But it will strike at the drop of a hat over some Commie principle or other and commit the entire Union to fight and spend vast amounts of members' money , on things like promoting abortion and immigration.

But it stands over slave wages for its members. I know three photographers here in Kilkenny on 150 quid a week:-)
They have to make up the extra to earn a living outside of press work by doing weddings and the like.
We never had to do that on The Munster Express in Waterford, because we were paid well. I was paid well. I was paid sixty pounds sterling a week wages as far back as 1981 , when I left the paper to set up my own business. At the time the standard weekly wage for a provincial journalist/photographer in Ireland was forty pounds a week. I was supplied with film, all materials, a darkroom, a studio , and had the use of a shop window too, on top of that, down in the centre of the city in Rose Inn Street, where I bargained and sold and took in good money on top of my wages. Seventy Irish journalists resigned from the NUJ back then under serious threat to their livelihoods, together we financed our colleague , the late Billy Quirke to challenge these British Trotskists in the High Court in Dublin under article 40 of Irish Constitution that guarantees Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Association to all citizens, even to NUJ -dominated journalists! We won - the NUJ got clever and surrendered abjectly in the Irish High Court in front of Mr. Justice McWilliams , God be good to him. They undertook not to interfere with Billy Quirke's livelihood as a jounalist and to pay compensation. But by caving in they managed to save their closed shop as McWilliams could not then rule against it as it was no longer in contention , though it is still in breach of Article 40 of the Irish Constitution.

So today, though it does nothing for the Irish journalist in pay and conditions, and hasn't done anything in years for them, the Irish still lick up to this useless British trade union that dictates to them what to write in our Irish newspapers on important political issues today.
And that'swhy you can forget about believing anything you read, hear or see in the Irish media .
Me, I'll go to my grave blacked and barred by the NUJ. It's gone so crazy in my case that nobody knows why I am blacked or barred any more! Not even the NUJ itself:-)

Posted by: Michael McGrath | Jul 6, 2012 7:24:06 AM

Of course you know what the Cute Hoors do - Join and remain in the NUJ but never pay their subs!!!

I suppose you can't blame them.

Posted by: Michael McGrath | Jul 6, 2012 7:28:39 AM

My new mobile number on Nokia Lumia is 0877560725

Posted by: Michael McGrath | Jan 9, 2013 2:10:50 AM

Great news! My brother John has found his daughter Michelle over in Birmingham UK after 28 years - and she has a little son of 13. Our mother , 88 years old, is delighted - last time she saw Michelle she was only a 5-year-old tot. I remember John being down in London with me back in 1984 after his first wife had ran off with his daughter. Great news altogether that I just received today here in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Posted by: Michael McGrath | Jan 16, 2013 5:16:59 AM

KIlkenny Doctor has Alzheimers
Kilkenny G.P. Dr. Declan Murphy of John's Green is suffering from Alzheimers disease, apparently he's had it for several years and has still been practising. Now as much as we sympathise this is simply not done. A doctor mentally crippled by such a serious malaise is a risk to his patients and himself. It's a wonder that the IMO allows this. Dr. Murphy is well known to be a severe man who has for instance committed a serious proportion of his patients to the local psychiatric institution, St. Canice's , and then the D.O.P. at St. Luke's Hospital, probably for the stipend he receives per head on committal. Not a nice gent at all he was formerly a British Army captain. He runs the local branch of An Taisce with an iron fist. Perhaps it's poetic justice. Still, life shouldn't be like this but what goes round comes round, as they say.

Posted by: Gilliane Moxham. | Feb 9, 2013 6:43:01 AM

The Kilkenny Journal online newspaper is now up and running.


Posted by: Michael J McGrath | Sep 18, 2013 2:33:19 PM

Howya Mickey, will be talking to you soon with v interesting news on J Rhat!Keep it going, M - NE

Posted by: Ned Egan | Jun 21, 2016 1:06:31 AM

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