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December 25, 2005

Global Cashel

Global Cashel

LIFE FEELS MORE GLOBAL in the Irish town of Cashel nowadays. I walk past three Chinese restaurants and one Indian takeaway when dropping off my rental DVDs. The best paninis in town are made by a Latvian. All the finishing on our new house was done by a Polish crew. Cashel feels like a town on full employment. New estates keep springing up, fueled by low interest rates and pocket money kept abundant by low inflation. Seen through a wide angle lens, everything is in place for Ireland to create generational wealth. Some of that wealth will come through hard work done by foreign employees in Ireland. In fact, 40% of the 90,000 new jobs created in 2005 in Ireland were filled by foreign employees. I can thank them for the Won Ton soup, Nan bread and fresh hot sandwiches I enjoy in the comfort of the new home they helped built for us.

Picture of green wall below the Rock of Cashel shot by Nokia 9500 out the window of the new house.

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